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Cold War Greenland. Greenland physical map courtesy Uwe Dedering/Natural Earth Public Domain mapset, with overlay by James Mogle, College of Social Sciences and Public Policy, GIS, Florida State University, and the editors.

Excerpt from book of a more detailed map of Greenland, depicting the location of various scientific and military bases, along with DEW line locations. This map is helpful for identifying Thule Air Base and other installations scattered around the…

Published version of timeline detailing concurrent events in the international community and historical events relating to Denmark-Greenland and USA-Greenland.

During the Cold War, Greenland was perceived by American military leaders as crucial for maintaining North American Continental Defense. Effective operations in this cold, remote, far northern location meant gaining crucial knowledge about the…

The meteorological station in Thule, Greenland, August 1948, before the Thule Air Base was constructed. Long building on the right housed the station’s Danish contingent. North Star Bay is background

Three views of Camp Century, Greenland, circa 1960: (top left) Digging a subsurface “main street,” using a Swiss-designed Peter Snow Miller plow; (top right) the central console of Camp Century’s nuclear generator; (bottom) building a main corridor…

A ripped blue topsheet with a "RESEARCH" watermark is attached to the top of a manila folder. The sheet is labeled "Secret" and is from the Department of National Defence - Ottawa, Canada. A table of check-in, check out information is the majority of…

A Canadian newspaper clipping discussing the nature of a possible war in the northern "arctic theater" that would require new weaponry and elements such as guided missiles.

A detailed map of Canada and part of the northern United States, it depicts mostly waterways and bodies of water in Canada along with some sort of travel route indicated by a red line the cycles from about four locations Canada with red arrows…
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