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A C-54 aircraft sits nose-down in an icefield with its tail up at an odd angle.

An aerial view of two landmasses close together with two areas where parts of the land jut out towards each other, creating straits and large pools of water between the two landmasses.

Aerial view of an almost triangular landmass jutting out into the ocean which is covered in ice. The landmass connects to the mainland at one of its points where there is a small body of water also covered with ice floes.

Pictured is a snow and rock dominated landscape with several pathways through the snow towards a Station in the right center of the picture.

Aerial view of Resolute Station after snowfall shows most of the land covered with snow but the roads leading to and from the bay are cleared along with most of the camp.

Three planes sit in a large open field of snow and ice with several small figures standing around them.

Document seems to be an excerpt from a list, the text that is depicted is from item 3 of the list with two sub items that outline several things that the Defence Research Board are allowed to do such as enter into contracts in the name of the…

A table that states the name of the committee within the Defence Research Board and which panels they need representatives from. For example, the Special Weapons Advisory Committee would have representatives from the Chemical Panel, Physical Panel,…

A document containing a list of proposed scientific panels, the list has seven items: Chemical Panel, Physical Panel, Entomological Panel, Psychological Panel, Physiological Panel, Bacteriological Panel, Electronics Panel

Pictured is a large aircraft labelled ARCTIC QUEEN with three men standing in front of it and several packs of equipment in the background. The three men are indicated to be Admiral Lomquist and two Navy observers in the caption.
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