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Three paragraphs from a larger document discussing specific data points and figures on the thickness of ice in Canada, requested because the requester had heard that the ice "had been decreasing very rapidly"

The very end of a letter which contains two paragraphs that enumerate that an open polar sea would have far-reaching economic and strategic effects that should be investigated further. The letter is signed by a G. W. Rowley. It also has handwritten…

Cold War Greenland. Greenland physical map courtesy Uwe Dedering/Natural Earth Public Domain mapset, with overlay by James Mogle, College of Social Sciences and Public Policy, GIS, Florida State University, and the editors.

Excerpt from book of a more detailed map of Greenland, depicting the location of various scientific and military bases, along with DEW line locations. This map is helpful for identifying Thule Air Base and other installations scattered around the…

Another large ice field is pictured with several rocky formations and raised areas that make the landscape more varied

Two planes sit in the distance on a large field of ice and snow

A small boat speeds through a body of water with a considerable wake behind it, in the background is an icy coast with a small mound of rock poking out of the snow and ice.

A letter to a Captain Gardner is a follow up from a previous letter in April about requests from the US Navy. The majority of the letter is a direct excerpt from a communication from the Meteorological Division of the navy outlining what data they…

A paragraph of text explains how different scientific fields should have different defence associations and beneath this paragraph is a list of scientific fields and their defence applications such as Geology is associated with strategic minerals and…

A figure heavily clad in winter gear drives a small snow plow/tractor which is dragging a cargo sled behind it towards a building whose top barely peaks out of the heavily drifted snow around it. The area the figure is dragging the cargo sled through…
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