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A paragraph of text explains how different scientific fields should have different defence associations and beneath this paragraph is a list of scientific fields and their defence applications such as Geology is associated with strategic minerals and…

A map of the northeastern United States, northeastern Canada and western Greenland detailing arctic supply routes. The routes are marked by solid lines to indicate operating routes and dotted lines for alternate routes. The lines snake upwards with…

Pictured is a large aircraft labelled ARCTIC QUEEN with three men standing in front of it and several packs of equipment in the background. The three men are indicated to be Admiral Lomquist and two Navy observers in the caption.

A large open field of mostly rock and spots of snow stretches out to the horizon. A few small figures in the background poke at the rocks with tools while a figure in the middle ground rides some four-wheeled vehicle. The caption indicates they are…

A C-54 aircraft sits nose-down in an icefield with its tail up at an odd angle.

A large, wide-open field covered with snow is pictured along with several long rows of what seem to be tire tracks traversing it

Three planes sit in a large open field of snow and ice with several small figures standing around them.

Two planes sit in the distance on a large field of ice and snow

Pictured are two aircrafts in the midground of the picture, one is in full view while the second is only half shown. There is a figure in the distance next to the fully pictured plane and three figures in the foreground, one standing with a shovel…

Another large ice field is pictured with several rocky formations and raised areas that make the landscape more varied
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