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A crew of people help to set up an automatic weather station. The landscape around them is rocky and muddy with two large antennae in the midground along with a small structure between them and a bulldozer to the right. There is something on the…

Pictured is a beach near Eureka Station with ice floes in the water. Two small rowboats, one with three men the other with four, are rowing towards a larger boat in the background, the USS Edisto. One rowboat remains on the beach with some large…

Three views of Camp Century, Greenland, circa 1960: (top left) Digging a subsurface “main street,” using a Swiss-designed Peter Snow Miller plow; (top right) the central console of Camp Century’s nuclear generator; (bottom) building a main corridor…

A man stands smiling in front of a medium sized ship with two levels, the Icebreaker Edisto. Various crew members are aboard and boarding and there are lifeboats hanging towards the front of the ship and scaffolding along the side of the ship.

A bulldozer drives across a dirt field in Thule, Greenland with an onlooker in the foreground of the picture. Several men stand around near the bulldozer, seemingly in conversation while parts of the rest of the Thule Meteorological Station are…

A document is pictured that looks like a government memo titled "Defence Research in the Canadian Arctic" with the indication "SECRET" in the top left. The first subheading is labelled "General Considerations" and discusses the reasons behind…

A stratified rock formation sits on the coast of Greenland around the edge of Jones Sound and at the entrance to Hell Gate, the water is clear and flat with no ice.

In the foreground is a landscape with patches of dirt and snow while in the distance there is a small camp with a hanger and various other smaller structures. Parked in the left is a helicopter

An excerpt from a document that discusses ice forecasting in Canada and how it has been conducted in the past and the challenges that consistently conducting ice forecasts poses in the future since it was not common practice previously.
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