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A figure heavily clad in winter gear drives a small snow plow/tractor which is dragging a cargo sled behind it towards a building whose top barely peaks out of the heavily drifted snow around it. The area the figure is dragging the cargo sled through…

Huge snow drifts obscure several buildings from view while tracks that resemble tank treads crisscross in the foreground. The description of the picture indicates that the two main buildings in the scene are a prefabricated building of the US Weather…

Huge snow drifts tower alongside the main administration building and mess hall at Resolute, there are places where it looks like the snow was partially cleared but most of the buildings are obscured by the huge mounds of snow

Aerial view of Resolute Station after snowfall shows most of the land covered with snow but the roads leading to and from the bay are cleared along with most of the camp.

A stratified rock formation sits on the coast of Greenland around the edge of Jones Sound and at the entrance to Hell Gate, the water is clear and flat with no ice.

A bulldozer drives across a dirt field in Thule, Greenland with an onlooker in the foreground of the picture. Several men stand around near the bulldozer, seemingly in conversation while parts of the rest of the Thule Meteorological Station are…

A large collection of supply crates and equipment littered around the beach dominates the view of the picture with a view of the bay and some hills in the distance

An aerial view of a Meteorological Station in Thule, Greenland with various structures. There are several half-circle cylindrical shaped buildings scattered around with one long building near the right edge of the camp which houses the Danish…

Two large cargo ships are being loaded at a wharf in Boston, MA. The wharf has several large steel towers with beacons on them and many sets of tire tracks, indicating heavy traffic.

A man stands smiling in front of a medium sized ship with two levels, the Icebreaker Edisto. Various crew members are aboard and boarding and there are lifeboats hanging towards the front of the ship and scaffolding along the side of the ship.
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