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A charcoal drawing depicts a huge polar bear mauling a figure indicated by the description to be Robert Gibbons a Canadian Weather Observer.

Aerial view of an almost triangular landmass jutting out into the ocean which is covered in ice. The landmass connects to the mainland at one of its points where there is a small body of water also covered with ice floes.

An aerial view of two landmasses close together with two areas where parts of the land jut out towards each other, creating straits and large pools of water between the two landmasses.

A medium sized vessel is surrounded by several smaller ones in calm waters next to the north coast of Ellesmere Island

An aerial view of an island covered in snow next to several other landmasses dominated by ice and rock

A crew of people help to set up an automatic weather station. The landscape around them is rocky and muddy with two large antennae in the midground along with a small structure between them and a bulldozer to the right. There is something on the…

Pictured is a beach near Eureka Station with ice floes in the water. Two small rowboats, one with three men the other with four, are rowing towards a larger boat in the background, the USS Edisto. One rowboat remains on the beach with some large…

Several small, hangar-like structures are in the midground of the picture with cables trailing from them to tall pylongs surrounding them. These structures are indicated to be the Operations Building, Storage and Generator building extensions.

In the foreground is a landscape with patches of dirt and snow while in the distance there is a small camp with a hanger and various other smaller structures. Parked in the left is a helicopter

Pictured is a snow and rock dominated landscape with several pathways through the snow towards a Station in the right center of the picture.
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